Public adjusters are getting more claims faster and more efficiently.

We point public adjusters to the owners of the exact properties impacted by severe weather.
Public Adjusters increase claims
Roofers increase jobs
Restoration contractors increase jobs
This is not another lead generation program. These are verified weather impacted properties using data science methods.

Join the thousands of public adjusters, roofers, restoration contractors and more.

Immediately know every weather impacted property, effortlessly.
Our Story

When you combine data scientists and marketing experts, you get a forensics team that goes above and beyond weather maps by conveniently delivering the data you need in one place.

Why Smart Collar?

No, it's not a collar for your pets...

With data science we are creating ONE workforce. Blue collar and white collar workers leveraging the same tech.

Smart Collar

Our Vision

To serve public adjusters, roofers, restoration contractors, attorneys, and real estate investors, by delivering your customer upfront, you can be more efficient with your time, money, and operations. We want to help you drive efficiency and sales.


Anyone can deliver lists. We target at the individual level, resulting in a prospect that has been selected using multiple dimensions of data that is not found in paid media technology.


How it works

Weather Impacted

At the end of the day you want to reach the owner of a property that has been impacted by severe weather. 

Pick the weather type, property type, location(s) and time-frame. That's it!

Stop wasting time and money on "leads" that may have been affected, and get the ones that have been affected. All in one place.

Integrate with your data sources

Think strategically and maximize your data.

  • Use it to support boots-on-the-ground

  • Smarter direct mail initiatives

  • Use the data in your facebook campaign

  • Use the data in Google Adwords

  • Outbound call ONLY those who meet your criteria 



Fixing the Roof


With access to thousands of qualified properties, public adjusters have  much more opportunity to increase their claims per month.



With just one deal a month, Smart Collar pays for itself 10x over.  We know you can do better than one deal per month. You can't afford not to have it this tool in your arsenal.

Investment Chart


With more opportunity than you can handle, scale your business and referr the claims you don't want while increasing your revenue and your free time.


Increase your opportunity by orders of magnitude.

You can't afford NOT to have this type of data.

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Increase your claims

Increase claims, serve more policy holders, and increase revenue.

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