An Evolution in Public Adjuster Support 

Supporting new and independent Public Adjusters with innovation in weather & property data.

Your competitive advantage

Small to large public adjuster firms still waste time and money finding weather impacted properties and their owners.

You can now leverage data science technology and save time by focusing on the properties that have been impacted by severe weather.



The minute severe weather impacts a property, you need to be the first one in contact with the owner. Smart Collar gives you access to every impacted property along with the property owner. Saving you time so you can service your clients.

There is tremendous opportunity with older data. It is the low-hanging-fruit of the industry. On average, property owners are only called upon on time. Leaving hundreds of thousands of unpaid claims due to severe weather. The more data you posses, the greater the opportunity to increase your claim volume.


 We understand that Public Adjusters are busy servicing their clients. That is why we support them with the data that matters most. Leverage the powerful data for use in direct mail, outbound calling, door-knocking, and online marketing.

The data is versatile, choose to use it however you see fit.



If you're door-knocking, knock on the right doors. 

If you're calling, call the right people.

Spend more time on your client.

Get to them before your competition does.


By providing you with every competitive advantage, your success will be based on your hunger. No more worrying about a lack of support. 


Have a full pipeline of prospects every month. The more prospects you have, the greater percentage of success.

Stay ahead of competitors

The competitive edge you will have will be head-and-shoulders above any Public Adjusting firm out there. No one has the level of technology or sophistication when it comes to data and marketing support.

Exclusive property and contact data.

Faster growth from support program

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