Property flippers need loans and insurance

We deliver the flippers


Because they are a niche audience not quickly identified and called upon by brokers.

We know mortgage brokers and insurance agents spend a lot of time and money finding leads. You want more applications and quotes. Whether it's commercial properties or residential properties, we can deliver the individuals that qualify.

More mortgage applications

We use data science to generate more conversations, more quotes, and ultimately,MORE APPLICATIONS per month!

Connect with the company's owner that is flipping properties.

More insurance quotes

Increase your close-rates by getting in touch with property owners that are constantly flipping properties.

This level of data gives agents a competitive edge unlike the typical lead generation out there.

How it works

  • We identify all the homes that have been flipped in a given area.

  • Then, we associate the registered company that is doing the flipping- typically an LLC- with those homes.

  • Next we count how many flips that company is doing in a area.

  • Next, we find and attach the name of the principle on that LLC, providing name, email(s), phone(s), address.

  • Lastly, we provide you or your marketing team with a CSV file of the data to use in your outbound calling, direct mail, online marketing, or other sales initiatives.


Get all the contacts that meet our criteria so you don't have to mess with unqualified leads.


If you're cold calling, call the right numbers. 

If you're emailing, email the right individuals.


By providing you with every competitive advantage, your success will be based on your hunger. No more worrying about a lack of support. 


Maintain a full pipeline of prospects every month. The more prospects you have, the greater percentage of success.

Smart Collar has your back.

This competitive edge will be head-and-shoulders above any support out there. No one has the level of technology or sophistication when it comes to data and marketing support.

Exclusive contact data.

Faster growth and efficieny


Boost applications and deals

Maximize your budget

Leads all year round

Spend less time finding leads



Save time

Grow your business

Help more people

Be a successful 

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