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Top Public Adjuster to work for

There are many job postings from top public adjuster agencies that won't even look at you unless you have a license. Which makes perfect sense. But that is also an opportunity to find new talent and cultivate a strong team.

Offering to pay for the public adjuster license as well as their bond is a tremendous value add. But that just isn't enough when you hear the stories of public adjuster's having to find prospects on their own. Example, one public adjuster in Florida mentioned that she was given a few links to weather websites to find where high winds and possible hail have hit and then go knock on doors until she finds a lead.

When I looked at the agency's support page, there it was, under the Support section, a list of weather links...

This seems to be the norm in the industry. At most the public adjuster agency will pay for your license...

How much more efficient would each Public Adjuster be (not to mention the agency itself) if it was driven by smart data and sophisticated marketing...

Just typing that last sentence has me shaking my head...

Imagine a world where public adjusters had a list of properties that have been confirmed to be impacted by weather. Now add to that the owner's contact information. Adding a marketing platform to help is just icing on the cake.

Well, that solution is here...

Reach out to us and get started.

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